Dark Intentions

Dating doesn’t get easier. Even when you’re dead…

Farrah Grant knew one thing when she opened the Vampire Matchmaking Agency. Her life as a vampire was nothing like the movies. Limited in options by the Order of the Immortals' laws, the dating pool had become increasingly narrow. To remedy this, she opened the VMA. Although she helped dozens of supernatural beings find love, she was beginning to think her own love situation was hopeless.

Until he walked through her door…

Anwar Tsedek had no use for romance. But an antiquated agreement with the Order of the Immortals and the untimely death of one Atlantean brought the already dwindling number of immortals just below their contractual requirement. When the VMA is brought to Anwar's attention, he is left with no choice except to become a client. The intriguing proprietor is more than he bargains for, though. Knowing he should avoid a true love match given his bad boy ways, Farrah's sex appeal alongside a plot to destroy her threatens to drag him back into her arms, whether he likes it or not.


Dark Hearts

Mitchell Rowland wasn’t looking for trouble. Having sworn off crazy girls, he needed to keep a low profile. It wasn’t a good idea to be in the spotlight with vicious Seekers and heartless demons out to kill him. The fantasy of blending in disappeared when he met half-human, half-demon, and dangerously hot Kayla Tanner. Gone were the cares of hiding the wolf he was, replaced with an urgency to claim her. Could he help the woman of his dreams avert certain death at the hands of her demon father while maintaining his own secret?

Kayla was simply trying to live a normal life. One where she hung out with her friends, enjoyed campus life and wasn’t being stalked by her deathly father – the demon Alchoe, who vowed to kill her if she didn’t return to Hell with him. In fact, when Mitch approached her at a frat party, she knew she should walk away because there was nothing normal about him – but she didn’t. Instead, she ignored her apprehension. One night of passion left her spiritually bound to him. Fresh with imprint from the werewolf she barely knew, she would have to find a way to save her life, while protecting her heart.