Disarmed Blog Tour – Happening Now!

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Until 1/11/2013, I’ll be all over the web promoting my new book, Disarmed.

I’ve listed the schedule for you and hope that you’ll have an opportunity to stop by one of the sites.

Take care and happy holidays!


Disarmed Book Tour:

  1. December 12 – Release Day Celebration at VBT Cafe’ Blog
  2. December 13 – Interview: Reviews & Interviews
  3.  December 15 – Guest Blogging at Where Fantasy Meets Reality
  4. December 18 – Guest Blogging at A Book Lover’s Library
  5. December 20 – Guest Blogging at Lori’s Reading Corner
  6. December 26 – Guest Blogging at Wise Words
  7. December 27 – Book Feature & Excerpt at Central Bargains and Giveaways
  8. January 3 – Interviewed at Reading To The Stars And Back
  9. January 7 – Interviewed at The Book Town
  10. January 10 – Book Feature & Excerpt at MK McClintock’s Blog
  11. January 11 – Book Feature & Excerpt at Turning The Pages

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